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Your Call To Action Button is Your Tireless Workhorse

Posted by Online Marketing on Monday, August 27, 2012

By Willy Subert

The most difficult aspect of successful selling on the net involves moving the person to take action. If people visit your site but don't act on the offer that you're showing them then it's absolutely no use because you'll have a low conversion rate. People are a great deal more net and marketing savvy now then they were ten years ago. There are lots of reasons why you must pay close attention to your call to action, and we will talk about that, now.

You do need the call to action because advertisers discovered a long time ago that people need to be told what to do, next. Earlier in the copy the reader has to know what is in it for him or her, and that is basic copywriting for you. Your copy has a lot of work to do, and one task is to lower resistance to the whatever your most desired response is in your copy.

Sometimes with different offers such as different subscription levels, you can have one call to action image that is more striking than the other. You just do not want to cause any kind of confusion among your readers. But when you are giving people a choice, then that is different and you should use them accordingly. As you require, you can test with making one or the other more prominent and easier to spot, so keep that in mind.

Remember that the words in your call to action have to be optimal, and that will make some degree of difference with conversions. Anytime you are working with call to action, you should not be bland or boring and also refrain from using hype. Think in terms of what the person will be getting, and then choose some active but non-threatening in any way. So never underestimate the power of the right words because they certainly make an impact and make your call to action button more stronger, and help you generate a better response.

You will get a lot out of your webpage if you continue to create good call to action buttons. This is because all that matters is the readers that click on your buttons. However, if you do nothing to leverage the clicks that you receive, then you will not see good results.

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