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Why Using Black Hat SEO Techniques Can Harm Your Website

Posted by Online Marketing on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

By Fra Stephine

For most people, shortcuts are convenient and interesting. While driving, people take the shortcuts to lessen fuel costs and travel time. For Google, however, shortcuts are hazardous. These shortcuts, if used excessively over time, can be detrimental to site rankings. These shortcuts are collectively known as black hat SEO.

So what makes Google detest black hat SEO that much? It is because these very SEO tactics challenge and undermine what the Silicon Valley Monolith has tried to advocate for years now: a virtual market space that is liberated from unethical practices.

In a nutshell, black hat SEO refers to the long list of unethical optimisation methods used by spammers and unscrupulous entrepreneurs to deceive search engine crawlers. Through black hat SEO, spammers compel search engines to think that certain websites are of value even when they aren't. The captivating aspect of black hat SEO is that it only takes a while for it to create the desired ranking results. The huge disadvantage however, is that these results are temporary.

The enormous danger in using black hat SEO is that it's prone to penalisation. If Google recognises that a website is guilty of using black hat SEO, then it shall slap the website with a severe penalty. The website may experience an unexpected drop in rankings or worse, may even be expelled from the list of indexed web sites.

It's therefore highly necessary for optimisers and entrepreneurs to keep away from black hat SEO and stick to Google's suggestion to settle for a search engine marketing plan that is only bolstered by white hat SEO techniques. If you want to have a web site that is ultimately valued by Google, then employ an SEO and web design Singapore company. The best SEO company in Singapore can help your website escalate to Google SERPS without fail.

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