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Why Cross Links Work For Your Website

Posted by Online Marketing on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

By Brown Young

Links are useful weapons in the SEO warfare. Links, whether external or internal, complement the SEO picture. Over the years, many optimisers have used a wide array of link building strategies to secure higher rankings for their sites. But is there a formula that works? Unfortunately, not many companies would care to share their recipe for success.

Link building strategy is among the core foundations of SEO. Without proper link building schemes, any SEO campaign is bound to fail right away. For a successful SEO campaign, optimisers must see to it that the link building strategy serves both internal and external link purposes. In contrast to popular belief, external linking can't be the better option. Why? Because these strategies should work together, not outshine each other. A linking strategy can be powerful enough to dominate if you complement your external linking strategies with cross linking methods.

SEO Purpose Of Onsite Cross Linking Cross linking is simply the means by which you link certain pages to other relevant pages within your own website. Even though it is overshadowed by its counterpart, cross linking holds the ability to increase your PageRank, especially when do it right. Read some advantages of using cross links for your website:

Cross linking provides great value to your website. First, internal links help you obtain better page views. When you link certain pages of your website to other equally important pages, you can do two things: first, promote other pages of your site and second, aid your readers in finding content sources that may be interesting to them. With cross linking, you can expect higher page views for your site and wonderful navigational experiences for your users.

Cross linking simply leads to better site indexing. If your site does not get indexed comprehensively, do not worry. Using internal linking enables spiders to crawl your text links and follow hyperlinks.

Consider Internal Linking As Part Of SEO Strategy If It Offers Value To Users Cross linking is effective as long as you don't overdo it. Do it from the user's perspective, and never ever stuff your website with links.

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