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The Right Way to Use these Profitable Viral Marketing Tactics

Posted by Online Marketing on Thursday, August 9, 2012

By Randi Pierce

It definitely seems that viral marketing and the web go hand in hand, and they were truly made for each other. As we all know the web is turning more social with each passing day, and this social revolution is making it easy for online entrepreneurs and Internet marketers to create ideas that are viral. It might not work out for you the very first time, but if you get it right, a viral marketing idea can send you lots of targeted traffic. The article below talks about three unique viral marketing tips that will help you start your campaign.

Just like all other forms of marketing, you need to have an intelligent approach such as formulating a plan of action. A good, well planned viral marketing campaign gets noticed, and usually leads to a much targeted execution. The funny thing about these things that are viral is most will not be crazy successful, but one day one of them may be. The important take away from this is to know what you intend to do, as opposed to just making something and then hoping it will go viral.

The easier it is for your readers to share things, the more likely they will do that. It's all about making it easy and simple for the idea virus to spread around. For example, let's say you wrote an amazing free report that really helps your target audience, and you want this particular report to go viral. Count the number of mouse clicks people will need to make, for your content, and then minimize it. Just remember that all must be drop-dead simple and quick to access.

There could be a danger that folks may think you are being unreasonable with your requests. If the energy is going to build up to do this, then it will be there or not. If you try to force people to spread the word then your idea virus will die down and it won't reach out to all the places that you wanted it to go. If you do not have a healthy business relationship with your audience, then there could be some problems. This is all about communicating, and your ability to do that well will be tested.

Word of mouth advertising was here long before the net, and that is really what viral marketing is about. Most of the time something like a product will not become viral unless it has a recognized name attached to it. You can theoretically make anything become viral, and it just depends on how you package it. No more need to hesitate about this because that never got anything done.

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