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Facts We Can Learn About Morse Code

Posted by Online Marketing on Wednesday, August 8, 2012

By Muriel Noel

Many people all over the world want to learn more about this form Morse Code. There is lot of information available about this subject. Here we will look at some of this information in a bit more detail.

First thing to know is what this kind of code means. When people speak of this type of code they are referring to a method of message transmission represented by dots or dashes using lights, tones or clicks. Other modes of deciphering the messages sent in this manner are done through the use of specially designed equipment.

Every letter or number in the English language has its own unique sequence of dots and dashes to represent them. A dash is longer in duration than a dot by three times. Every new word created is separated by a space that is equal to a dash in length. Once a person is familiar with all of the characters used in Morse Code they can decipher what a word or phrase is.

This kind of code is used by many people, especially amateur radio operators. It was a requirement for licensing of pilots and air traffic controllers at one point in time. This is no longer the case.

There is a special license available to people that are proficient with using this kind of code. These licenses are usually given to people that work on ship or as coast guards. The written examination as well as a proficiency test that exceeds the minimum 20 words per minute requirement has to be passed in order to acquire such a license.

These are only a few facts about Morse Code. A great deal of other information about this coding system can be found on numerous websites and message boards on the internet. Take some time to explore some of this information, you will surely have more appreciation for this mode of transmitting messages once you have done so.

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