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SEO That Delivers Leads

Posted by Online Marketing on Saturday, September 8, 2012

By Chris Hunter

The first thing we need to discuss in regards to optimizing your website with is "intelligent keyword research". what that means is "what are people typing into Google when they search my category?" There are several great tools out there to find out including Google Adwords Keyword Tool. When you have found out what the keywords are, we need to pick the ones that we think we can rank high for and that are also the best match for what we do. Because if they're not a good match, they will not convert into sales. So you need to get specific about what you want.

The next important phase of quality SEO is deciding whether to use local qualifiers or not. Does your website have what it takes to rank globally? Is it a large site with many pages filled with quality content? Are you ready to implement a true link building strategy? Do you have a tons of time and a healthy budget to accomplish these goals? If not, considering "local qualifiers" might be a good idea. An example of this would be a Charleston, SC CPA firm deciding whether they could rank globally for "cpa", statewide for "South Carolina CPA" or locally for "Charleston CPA". Remember, 91% of all clicks go to page 1 so if we can't make it there, why bother?

Now we'll talk about writing some keyword rich content for the site. There is a density algorithm for keywords, so, too many and you can be penalized for keyword cramming and not enough and you might not reach your ranking potential. So how many is too many of the same phrase? You are probably safe staying around 5% keyword density. So if you have a hundred words on a certain page, you should have no more than 5 keyword phrases. Remember that your content has to read well to humans as well as Google spiders. So, make sure to read it a few times. One rule to remember is: if you wouldn't say it, don't write it.

You are now ready to start building links into your site! This is a very important part of organic SEO and ranking well. Often times, links, are the difference in ranking higher than your competitors. Google sees these links pointing to your website as a vote of confidence or a popularity vote for your website. If done correctly and links are from websites and directories that are in the same industries and categories as your company, you will gradually move up in the rankings. There are many different ways to build these links to your website. Article submission is a good start, write an informative story on your industry and submit it to several informational sites within your industry. Directories are another good place to start. There are many free directories that will let you fill out a listing with your details and a link to your website. Blogging can get you great links if you write good, unique content. There are also lots of easy free links to be had with companies like craigslist, yahoo, squidoo, and wikipedia.

Okay, so, you did your research and found out what people were typing in regards to your industry, decided if you should go global or shoot for local domination, you wrote quality copy containing these keyword phrases, and you are building solid links in daily. That's it, you're on your way to ranking high on page 1 of search engines everywhere! You built it..and they will come. Now as your website climbs the ranks and your traffic increases, make sure to monitor your Google Analytics often and find out which keywords are performing the best for you. You will constantly be making adjustments to keywords in order to continually rank high for quality traffic. Thanks for reading and good luck optimizing Charleston!

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