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How To Use Attention Grabbing Benefit Bullets - 3 Proven Strategies Exposed

Posted by Online Marketing on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

By India Troche

When using benefit bullets, you must consider more than just which benefits you want to list. Formatting and placement are also very important if you want them to do the trick for you.

There are some who earn an annual salary of a million dollars, and here is one person who did it about five or six years ago when he started. To try and get the best benefit bullets, he would write around seven hundred just for starters. But first he always really learned all about the product or service no matter what it was. That was the best way for him to prepare for writing benefit bullets, and then he would have all he needed. So that was his process for being able to create killer benefit bullets, but that is a lot of work. If you are going to do something so extensive, then you know that takes focus. You would not want to start a bullet with "Page 512 will discuss ______," - this'll scare people! If this was a medical book, this might grab your attention right away. The reaction is what is important, using the underscore or blank will definitely catch people's eye. This type of bullet point will make the reader crazy, sometimes curious enough to find out what you have to say. All of the readers should, after reading your material, feel as if they cannot wait any longer for your next installment of information. Your product or service, when you have properly done benefit bullets, will sell so much better.

Remember that benefit bullets do not necessarily have to all be very clearly about a benefit. As you have read in this article, you can imply a benefit by knowing or finding out about something very important. Each benefit should be positioned in a way that creates a powerful impact for the person reading. It's all about stopping them cold, hitting them between the eyes using a shock and awe benefit bullet campaign. Discover what new child medications may cause sudden, instant death. This type of headline would compel any parent to read more information on this topic.

You have to adjust the way you use bullets based on the length of your content. Each sales letter is a little different, so it's a matter of finding the look that's right for your purposes. Your use of bullets should be balanced with the regular paragraphs.

As you add your benefit bullets, keep them down to one short sentence. More than two is too much! Always use two sentences with fewer words to keep everything short and concise. Visitors will be able to scan your content much more easily if they can see benefit bullets throughout the text. The bullets will serve to tap into their emotions, and capture their attention in that way. Every bullet should be written to help people process them very quickly. The copy can have a host of trigger words that are bold and highlighted to make people process more slowly. There is an entire strategy inherent in the use of benefit bullets. Writing benefit bullets and headlines can be tough, but there is one technique that can help you do this in a fun and innovative way. Many people go to the store, and while waiting in line, read magazine covers and tabloid headlines that are just sitting there. You find yourself drawn in like a magnet, simply because of the words that they have used. It is important that you study what they have written, as it is very beneficial when learning to write benefit bullets. You should take notice of what they're doing when they write this copy because the technique is virtually the same when writing benefit bullets.

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