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How To Deal With Google's New Filters

Posted by Online Marketing on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

By Allana Clark

As one of the leading search engines, Google works hard to give online visitors the most relevant answers to their searches. It constantly modifies its algorithms to ensure that only the best content appears in the search results. To deal with these changes, site owners need to reassess their SEO Singapore strategies, lest they would see their rankings plummeting down to obscurity.

SEO Singapore And Algorithms

Google's concern is simple: to direct users to websites that they really want to see. Last year, the tech company released its Panda-a big, virtual bear that weeded out sites providing poor content and engaging in improper SEO activities. Google's Panda, with its thorough algorithmic processes, dramatically re-arranged search results rankings and punished websites stuffed with keywords and filled with duplicate content.

Just recently, Google launched the Penguin, another major search engine fine-tuning. This change is a reinforcement of the Panda, a project that targeted spam sites that had won high rankings but actually not given users any benefit.

Responsible SEO Singapore

The Panda and the Penguin intend to encourage site owners to be fair and to only stick to white hat activities. As the term implies, white hat refers to good and acceptable optimization techniques that allow a site to properly and honestly introduce itself in terms of theme, length, keywords, and whatnot. To secure better rankings, website owners are advised to follow the basics of web creation. They should deliver helpful and unique content, avoid unnecessary use of keywords, and exchange links only with credible sites.

A cleaner and more organized web design can also help websites to be more appealing in the algorithms of Google. Good design makes it easier for users to navigate a site and easier for Google's web spiders to index its content. Most importantly, it reduces the temptation of using illegal optimization methods and consequently makes a more mature SEO Singapore.

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