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Learn Some On and Off Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Posted by Online Marketing on Monday, May 14, 2012

By Ellen Romero

Search engine optimization or SEO is becoming a requirement in the online business today. As hundred of websites vie to have a Top Ten spot on search engine results page, many websites try to be optimized as possible to achieve such a goal. There is fierce competition in internet marketing and not being optimized is a great hindrance in making it big online. If you want to achieve the most coveted first page of search engine results page, you need to optimize both the on and off pages of your website and here are some notable tips to consider:

On page:

The title for each page should be catchy and unique. When it comes to applying SEO, the significant aspects that are mostly considered are both the title and the description. The title should be able to have the important keyword phrase to attract the search engine spiders easily and the title description should at least have seventy words.

Give extra attention to heading keywords. You have to prioritize your keywords from H1-H3. Search engine spiders usually identify easily header keywords of your quality content.

The URLs of your site should have targeted keywords. Each page of your site should have a short, static URL of its own.

Beware of overusing keywords. Keyword density should only be between two and five percent. If you load your content with unnecessary keywords, your site could be ranked lower by search engines, or kicked off altogether.

Off page:

Do not forget to distribute your article to other sites. This can stir up some traffic and the articles that you submit to other sites should have a back-link to your site.

Aside from submitting to article directories, you can also build online presence by creating pages on social bookmarking and networking sites in order to achieve the much- needed internet traffic into your site. Sites like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Delicious and StumbleUpon are great sites to initiate presence.

Do not forget to list your site on directories that are also related to your site. You can choose to provide a back link to your site on as many directories if you can.

Comments on blogs are also very important. These comments can help attract those crawlers making sure that there are people who are interested in your blog. Adding quality comment and putting back links are a must- do.

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