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How To Activate SEO On Your Website When You're 18

Posted by Online Marketing on Thursday, May 24, 2012

By Cindy Campbell

Depending on how you perceive it, SEO can be as challenging and exciting as a game or as baffling and frustrating as a maze you can't get out of or a puzzle you can't solve. Some people who carry out SEO without probably understanding central principles try and try for months on end devoid of any indication of ranking progress. This is even after they made sure that they are creating just the right keywords at the correct density to make their web site or blog pleasing to Google.

If your site is struggling in the ranking even as you think you are doing SEO correct, here are three items which are often unseen that may be stifling your SEO success.

Adequate Web Copy For The Home Page Plus Major Pages

The foremost thing to check is content. If the site homepage has more images than words, then Google will not be able to index the site more effectively. Having more copy on the website than pictures on it is in fact SEO friendly. Just make certain that the web copy is rich with driven keywords.

Check The Duration Of Your Website's Domain Name Registration

The next thing to confirm is domain name registration. Ideally, a web site domain name must be signed up from 5 years up instead of just one year. Extended domain name registration tells Google that a web site is here to stay and is just not a fly-by-night site.

Get A Diagnostics Report From Google Webmaster Tools

It is very essential to carry out onsite optimization before offsite optimization. Onsite optimization is setting up a site or blog for participating in the SEO race. It is akin to putting an engine on a sports car. The engine, which is the website or blog, is "cleaned" of things which Google will not want, and built in with things which Google wants. Offsite optimization, which is content creating, is akin to the fuel that the race car needs to zoom past the others. Surely, without a strong engine, the car won't even start no matter how to a great extent you fill it up.

As there are so many things involved in carrying out onsite optimisation, it usually happens that some items are mistakenly left unchecked. Google Webmaster Tools Diagnostics specifies these errors which can be duplicate article, crawl errors, or html errors. These things are like a hole on the gas tank of the race car. Without correcting this hole, then the gas will just leak. In SEO terms, this indicates that without ensuring that the site is a set and SEO friendly platform, then the content written for SEO will just be a misuse of effort as there will be no considerable ranking result achieved.

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