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Web Design For SEO: Why You Should Write Keyword-Focused Content On The Home Page

Posted by Online Marketing on Thursday, April 19, 2012

By Anne Gregor

The website structure is among the very first things a website designer along with a client come to an arrangement with. The structure defines how many pages you will find on a site and how these pages will link to each other. The structure will further relate the buttons that may be used and just how pages on the site will connect to one another. The structure dictates how simply visitors in the sites can navigate through it.

Some websites have an easy 4-5 page structure as in a web-based catalog while others have hundreds of pages with complicated e-commerce services. A high quality web development and design company can accommodate many client necessities.

A very powerful page on a website would be the Home Page. It is on this page that the company confirms to their visitors what their business is about and just what goods they are advertising. The Home Page is also essential for search engine optimisation. Search engine spiders puts the heaviest substance on the content found on the home page than on another pages within the site. Quality content with just the right occurrence of main keywords shall be best put on the Home Page.

Closely crucial for the Home Page is a Contact Page. In fact, it is essential for the site to provide an option for site visitors and prospective consumers to call them through a contact form in the Home Page alone. Persons using the internet to look for products they need only browse through the data in the Home Page first, so keeping this information short and unambiguous is vital. Most visitors will not have the ready decision to acquire a product being offered, so putting the Contact Form on the home page where they're going to have a chance to talk to actual persons behind the website and explore about the merchandise more is very focal.

The remainder of the other pages follow in value, like the data page, services, and now with search engine optimisation or SEO in viewpoint, the blog page integrated into the website is becoming very vital.

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