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Various Functions Of Attraction Marketing And Advertising

Posted by Online Marketing on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

By Beatris Aarant

Anyone that has been in the mlm marketing business for a while will be well aware that it can be difficult to actually recruit new people. Many of us have struggled in the industry for a long time, some quit feeling frustrated and others eventually learn the secrets to success.

When you join an mlm business you are often told that the best thing to do is to pitch everyone you can and to sell the actual business opportunity on the front end. Whilst this seems to make sense it does mean you miss out of a lot of potential business. Probably 95% of the people you talk to will not actually be interested in your business. So what are you doing to make money from those people?

Well you won't be able to do that much in all honesty. A much better way is to use attraction marketing. This is best done on the internet where you will have the potential to reach millions of potential customers. You can very effectively use online marketing to brand yourself and give value on the front end instead of immediately pitching your business.

If you're marketing online then you might be wanting to use some sort of a system like My Lead System pro where you will have an upfront offer. You will also have inbuilt affiliate income streams so even if people are not joining your main business you can profit from smaller value sales.

You can also differentiate yourself from the crowd as well because you will be offering value which different to what most of the online marketing community is doing. Of great importance is a lead flow and you will certainly need to figure out how you can do this effectively, the good news is that there are several options available to you.

You could use social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter, these are great places to brand yourself. You might also consider setting up your own blog as well, this can be a great way to attract leads to your business and also brand yourself. Using opt in boxes and other forms you can make an offer to people when they visit your blog and get their name and email, they will then become a lead. Make sure that your blog provides a good user experience and isn't too spammy.

Most attraction marketing systems that you will use on line have a follow up system built in and most likely pre written emails. The follow up with your prospects is actually very important and this is where most of your money is going to be made.

The longer someone stays in your marketing funnel the more products are going to be offered to them to by which means that you have the immediate potential to make money. This is going to allow you to make money on the front end and pay for your marketing costs.

The magic happens on the backend when you start recruiting people into your main business, they may even call you asking to join if you follow a specific strategy.

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