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Guaranteed Money Back SEO

Posted by Online Marketing on Wednesday, June 6, 2012

By David Robson

What is the latest seo package trend? Well thank goodness it is guaranteed seo. Yes that's right we can now get service that have guaranteed results so no longer to we have to be fearful of choosing the right company for the job. Let's have a look at the most popular ways that companies are guaranteeing their results.

One common method is the pay on results scheme where an seo company will charge a business once they achieve results. Often the results are page one of Google in less than a certain number of days. Once the company gets your website to page one they will send you a bill, but the problem is that many websites jump to page one very quickly when an seo campaign starts (then you get a bill) and after a few days it drops back off and takes a long time to ever come back again.

Another way that companies are putting promises in place is by offering a 50/50 scheme where y ou pay a certain amount each month towards the seo guarantee and then when your website gets to page one you will then pay the remaining balance. The major problem with this is that it has no end date, so for example the company could keep you waiting ages and ages for the results you are looking for and they may never come.

The final and by far the best (for quality of service) is the money back guarantee results seo package. These offer a refund to the customer if certain results have not been achieved. The advantage of this is that a seo company may put in loads of hard work and might just miss out on the results and give you a refund however you will get to keep all the work they have done - effectively for free. If they don't give you a refund because they have got the results you wanted then it's a win, win.

A tip for choosing that guaranteed seo: always make sure you set the right targets to start with. Set the bar to high and the company won't bother set the bar to low and you won't see your margins increasing from any results!

Remember, always pick a company that offers money back seo results and make sure you pick your keywords with them. You can choose half and they can choose half but remember to ask when the key words are likely to show a return on investment not when they will start ranking your website - good luck.

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